Making Peace—Building Redemptive Community.

In troubled churches, I offer 12-part workshop on “Making Peace—Building Redemptive Community.” Here is the outline for that series:

PART ONE: Why church conflict is always about leadership
#1 A Biblical View of Conflict
#2 A Theology of Community and Reconcilation
#3 Common Conflict Response Styles
PART TWO: On Becoming a Redemptive Community
#4 On Becoming a Peacemaker
#5 Authentic Communication
#6 How, Why, & When to Publicly Admit That You Are an Idiot
#7 How to Forgive Like Jesus
PART THREE: On Church Discipline
#8 Why Confrontation Requires Community
#9 How to Rebuke and Discipline
#10 How to Handle Opposition
PART FOUR: Making Peace While Simultaneously Leading Change
#11 The Nature of Change
#12 Taking Politics Out—Putting The Spirit in to Decision-Making