Church-Wide Assessment

One very important tool for the Intentional Interim Pastor is a “Church-wide Assessment.” Here is the approach in a nutshell:

  • A team of pastors and lay people from within the district of the church being assessed is assembled and trained by the Intentional Interim Pastor.
  • A special “Assessment Weekend” is planned—according to the size of the church, it may begin on Thursday or Friday.
  • Interviews conducted by the Assessment Team members are scheduled for 30 minutes each with any and all congregants who are will to participate
  • Key questions (see below) are specifically designed to get at the heart of key issues that may be holding the church back from experiencing its full potential
  • Special forums are held with leaders and young people
  • The assessment team compiles a report based on the responses to the interviews and the forums
  • The assessment team leader preaches on the Sunday of the Assessment Weekend, and after the morning service presents the report to the congregation following a light lunch
  • The Intentional Interim Pastor then guides the congregation through the process of interpreting the report and recommending changes that may need to be made to enable the fellowship to function more efficiently

Sample questions used during the church-wide assessment

Download the Church-Wide Assessment Worksheet (pdf)

Magical History Tour

An alternative method to the Church-wide Assessment, useful in some smaller congregations, is the “Magical History Tour.” Here are the essential elements:

  • The Intentional Interim Pastor identifies those members and adherents within the fellowship who have 20 or more years of history in the congregation.
  • Interviews are conducted with each person/couple in this category to get the “story” of the church from several different perspectives—but always looking for those common themes from both the “high points” of the church’s history and its “low points.”
  • The Intentional Interim Pastor takes careful notes throughout this process so that he can offer a full report to the governance authority.
  • When the interviews are completed, there will be closeted sins that must be revealed, confessed, and forsaken. (Click here to download “Dealing With The Past,” Parts I-V and other PDF samples)
  • In God’s time, the end result of this research will be a “Solemn Assembly”—an opportunity for the corporate body of Christ to own its past, receive God’s cleansing and forgiveness in the present, and then claim a bright future in fulfilling the Great Commandment and Commission of Jesus Christ. (Click here to download “Solemn Assembly” and other PDF samples)