Spiritual Leadership Training

An integral part of the Intentional Interim ministry is “Spiritual Leadership Training.” This is primarily for the elders/governance authority, but it is also open to emerging leaders in the congregation. Each level has eight (8) sessions, and they are usually conducted monthly from January to May and then September to November.

Class Listing Level 100

Class Number Topic
100 Personal Holiness
101 Servant Leadership
102 Core Values
103 Godly Communication
104 Redemptive Conflict
105 Restorative Discipline
106 Practical Serving
107 Dynamic Teaching

Class Listing Level 200

Leading With A Limp
Turning Your Struggles Into Strengths
By Dan B. Allender, PhD

Class Number Topic
200 What Are You In For?
[Intro + Chapter 1—pp 1-23]
201 Who Is A Leader?
[Chapters 2-3—pp 25-48]
202 Failure and Facing Crisis
[Chapters 4-5—pp 49-78]
203 Complexity
[Chapters 6-7—pp 79-107]
204 Solitary Confinement
[Chapters 8-9—pp 109-136]
205 Calling and Purpose
[Chapters 10-11—pp 137-154]
206 Character
[Chapters 12-13—pp 155-184]
207 Prophet, Priest, King
[Chapter 14—pp 185-199]