Stranded on a Desert Island. . .

One of my favorite jokes is about a man who was stranded on a desert island for 20 years. A navy boat patrolling the area finally spotted him and proceeded to his rescue. When the captain came ashore, he immediately noticed three huts along the edge of the palm trees.

“What are these three huts used for?” inquired the captain.

The man replied, “Well, that one on the left is where I live. The one on the right is where I go to church.”

The captain was puzzled, so he asked the obvious: “So what about that hut in the middle?”

With a look of frustration on his face, the man replied, “That’s the church I used to attend!”

The Bridge Over Troubled Waters. . .

I like this story because it underlines a very basic fact about church life—there will always be conflict—even if there is only one person in attendance! The simple reason for the universality of troubled waters in every congregation? Fallen human beings are involved. My dad used to say with a smile, “I would love this church if it wasn’t for the people.”

God has called me to minister specifically to churches that are in tumult of transition. This usually includes a conflict component along with various other stressors. It is my passion to be that “bridge” over those troubled waters—to take a church from where it has been and carefully, prayerfully guide it to where it needs to go. Part of this process is to prepare the way for the new pastor, but that’s a small part. The real work is to ensure that the past has been thoroughly cleaned up so that the church will not repeat its mistakes with the new leader.

So, welcome to website. Feel free to call or email if I can help your congregation get to where it needs to go.