What is the mission of an “Intentional Interim” pastor in a church?

The mission of the Intentional Interim Pastor is to promote congregational health by offering a safe bridge between challenging times and the selection of the next permanent pastor.

Who needs an Intentional Interim pastor?

  • The transitioning church—a congregation that has experienced a long-term pastorate and needs to create space between the old and new.
  • The troubled church—a congregation that has experienced a split, a controversial resignation of the pastor, or some other stressor.
  • The tranquil church—a congregation that is plateaued or declining due to neglect with regard to their mission, vision, and values.
  • Note—Some churches represent a combination of these needs.

What does the ministry of an Intentional Interim pastor include?

  • Preaching the Word in fulfillment of the mission statement above.
  • Providing leadership, support, and mentoring to the leadership team through modeling and training.
  • Leading the regular meetings of the church while promoting unity among the leadership team.
  • Acting as a liaison with the governing authorities (local/district/national).
  • Performing general pastoral duties as requested.
  • Promoting healing through diagnosing real problems, offering God’s solutions, and discovering God’s new dream for His church.
  • Acting as a consultant to the Pastoral Search Team.

How long is an Intentional Interim ministry?

  • The short answer—“As long as it needs to be.”
  • In transitioning churches, we recommend from six to eighteen months according to the length of the pastor’s tenure.
  • In troubled congregations, we advise a minimum of one year and possibly up to two years according to the presenting issues.
  • In tranquil churches, we recommend four to six months.

How much does an Intentional Interim Pastor cost?

  • The Intentional Interim Pastor is compensated the same as the Senior Pastor is paid, including benefits and other expenses. In some small churches, the salary may need to be supplemented by the host District.
  • These matters will be negotiated along with the contract (click here to download a “Sample Contract” pdf)

What are the results of an effective Intentional Interim ministry?

  • A church that is experiencing healing.
  • A church that has a renewed sense of mission, vision, and values.
  • A church that is prepared for the new pastor.
  • A church that is ready to fulfill the Great Commandment and Commission.

How much experience do you have in Intentional Interim ministry?

This ministry began in 2001, and I have completed several intentional interim ministries. (See the About page on this website.) To God’s glory, each church has experienced restoration and growth.